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Feeling Pain?

Note: This diagram represents potential causes of a condition and is not a professional diagnosis. Contact Dr. Farr to schedule an appointment for a professional diagnosis.
I Have Pain In My Tooth
  • Touch / Bite
    • Abscess: a dead nerve that has become infected and the infection is spreading into the surrounding jaw bone
    • Fracture: a break in the root structure that is allowing the pieces to move about each other and cause an infection in the surrounding jaw bone
    • Recent dental work: recent dental restorations may be interfering with the bite causing trauma to the ligaments supporting the tooth
    • Concussion: a bruise to the ligaments from an injury
  • Temperature
    • Cavity: bacterial infection of the tooth that is exposing the  tubules housing the nerve
    • Gum recession: root surface revealed that exposes the tubules housing the nerve
    • Recent dental work : bite is interfered with causing injury to the nerve
    • Concussion: a bruise to the nerve from an injury
    • Whitening: nerve has been stimulated through fluid movement in tooth
  • On Its Own
    • Inflamed nerve: degenerating condition; nerve dying
I Have Pain In My Gum
  • Gum Disease: bacterial infection resulting in inflamed gums and/or bone loss occurring around teeth
  • Abscess: infection resulting from bacteria spreading from or around a tooth
  • Canker Sores: ulcers on the gums that happen during times of stress and are caused by body’s immune system
  • Cold Sores: outbreak of viral infection caused by herpes simples virus that occurs usually on lips but can occur on gums also
I Have Pain In My Jaw
  • Pain upon opening: could be a disc displacement, muscle problem, or joint derangement/disease
  • Can’t fully open mouth: same as pain on opening
  • Jaw moves to one side: disc displacement, fracture, or joint derangement/disease
  • Jaw gets stuck: joints overextended
I Have A Cosmetic Issue
  • Chipped / Broken
    • Decay: bacterial infection of the tooth that causes loss of a part of tooth
    • Trauma: accident like a fall or hit to the mouth
    • Grinding: loss of edges of teeth from sliding back and forth
  • Discoloration
    • External Staining: food coloring, tobacco, coffee/tea, decay
    • Internal Staining: occurs during formation of teeth such as tetracycline use or over ingestion of fluoride
    • Old Fillings: leaking due to open margins or failed bonding
  • Straightness
    • Wear (Grinding): uneven edges due to grinding more on one side than the other
    • Missing Teeth: resulting in drifting of other teeth out of alignment
    • Hereditary:parents had crooked teeth
      • Growth & development
      • Tooth size / arch shape
I Have A Broken Filling
  • Cavity: decay spread under filling and undermined it
  • Broken Tooth: tooth fractured and stopped supporting filling
I Have A Missing Tooth
  • Other teeth shifting: teeth around space shift, tilt, or grow out of gums
    • Bite collapse loss of height of lower face due to shifting
    • Joint issues due to bite interference that result from shifting
  • Overload of remaining teeth: remaining teeth have to pick up the work that the tooth/teeth that are missing did
    • Break down faster
    • Lose remaining teeth
  • Poor appearance: as a result of drifting and change in teeth position
I Have A Snoring Problem
  • Tongue position: tongue falls back into airway space
  • Obesity: fat deposits in throat constrict airway space and make tissues flap more with breathing
  • Swollen adenoids/tonsils: constrict airway space

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